WIP Presenation 12th of May 2014

This video captures my Work In Progress Presentation I gave before my course supervisors and classmates. We had some great presentations from over the course of the two weeks and I learned a great deal about what I needed to do. The most important of these is the technology discovery element that I had been neglecting. It has been my experience that there are a great many online tools and resources that can initially seem interesting or novel but soon become just that, a novelty. An example would be Prezi which I find does not do much to improve a poor presentation. Another example is Voki avaters. To me they seem intrusive and tacky. Most web users today would regard the automated speech of the Voki as gimmicky and intrusive.

I think it is easy to develop a preoccupation with searching for the newest or most entertaining online tool when that energy could be better spent on making the elearing tools already at your disposal more effective. This is often the more laborious job and lacks the appeal and fun of discovering a new plug-in but simply being aware of the larger trends in online learning and making sure you can work with most types of online multimedia tools can be just as important.

So I am going to evaluate a range of elearning technologies that I have found to be useful and some that I find less than useful. I am currently working on a project implementing synchronous webinars using Adobe Connect and will evaluate that in the coming weeks.


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