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Content relating to reflections I make on material I consume and create myself and also on my thoughts about the MSc program in general.

Putting it all together…

Well my second year back has begun and I am hoping to more effectively use this blog to constructively aid me in my studies. I would like to find a way of collecting and gathering all of the on-line resources blogs, tweets, etc. in one place and I think I’ll try and use WordPress’s tags function help me organise my findings under certain categories. These tags should also help any visitors to my site navigate around and find what they are looking for.

Though not a prolific twitter-er-er I’m going to test twitter out and see if I can use it as a bookmarking tool. I may as well use my otherwise dormant twitter account for something constructive.



Reflections Week 1

I met course facilitators Muirrean and Roisin and the rest of the class. It is made up largely of professional educators mainly from the tertiary/training sector.

Over view of course and timetable for the first year explaining the continuous nature of assessment and how assignments are staggered.

The Learning Theory Applied paper will be about the context I work in and will also include a presentation.

There will be a professional development interview on 14 January.

The course involves a lot of reflection. I will be asked to continuously reflect on what I have learned and how that impacts on my learning philosophy.

There was a lot of emphasis on developing a learning philosophy. Through reflection it is expected that this will be challenged and change during the course.

Very helpful introdcution to LTTC library by a DIT librarian.

I recorded my hopes, fears and expectiations for the course and also my personal development plan to this point. This will be added to my e-portfolio for reflection on later in the course.

Kevin O’Rourke gave us an interesting talk on the nature of e-learning and what it means in terms of the education the online student recieves (education vs training) and to consider more deeply what education should be. This ties back into the learning philosophy I need to develop.

Overall it was a good start though as usual when I had a camera pointed at me I began talking at approx 300 words per minute and may be completely unintelligible 🙂