About Me

Welcome to my E-Learning portfolio. I hope to use this as a space to collect and display the projects I undertake during the course of my e-learning education.

I will also be posting my reflections on my experiences and thoughts of the course as it progresses.

My Learning Philosophy

My e-learning philosophy is based on a belief that an education is a powerful tool that can enable a person to fully develop themselves and their talents. I believe e-learning technologies can help make make an effective and worthwhile education a reality for more people than has been the case and I am excited by that potential.

Online technologies provide educators with a means to  reach students who are cut off from an education by barriers such as time, geography, health issues or socio-economic status. This promotes a more equitable and egalitarian society and should promote life-long learning and social mobility.

Why am I studying?

I am not a teacher however I do consider myself and educator in that I work towards the education of young people. My role in online education has to date been more IT related. I have noticed a significant rise in the number of ‘elearning technologist’ roles in Third level Institutions and I would place myself in this category.

I have spent almost four years working with an elearning provider developing an online learning environment and training staff in using  it. I have learned a lot in that time about the technological possibilities elearning provides and also how to communicate that to an audience of teachers. However as I became more comfortable with the technical aspects of online learning I became more aware that I needed a much deeper understanding of how sound pedagogical principles can be applied to elearning environments. It is my hope that this MSc will provide that and help me to be a better educator.

This wordle compiles the most used words in this ePortfolio.

It reflects my interest in social online learning. This was sparked initially in my working practice where the students are online and have a limited number of ways to interact. As my studies led me through various learning theories I was able to identify this as social constructivism and began to research how I could apply the benefits of social learning to my professional practice.


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